Kosher Caterers and Bakeries

Congregation Netivot Shalom welcomes caterers who operate under rabbinic supervision and can supply a certificate.  Those caterers who are not under formal rabbinic supervision have met with Rabbi Creditor and comply with our synagogue’s kashrut standards and are thus acceptable for congregational functions.  If the caterer or bakery is under formal supervision, it is noted.  We permit only dairy and parve food on our premises.  If you have any questions about specific caterers who are not on this list, please contact the Rabbi Creditor.


Alan Finkelstein
(510) 845-8275
Kosher food with a New York attitude.

Janice MacMillan
(510) 387-6536

Chef Tanya Nunes
(650) 755-4488

Milk and Honey Caterers
Deborah Kelman
(650) 212-6455

Oren’s Kitchen
Arnon Oren, Chef/Owner
(510) 847-6265

Lois Moore Catering
(510) 482-9212, cell: (510) 205-5412
Full service catering

Selma Goldberg
(510) 693-2116

Monifa Dayo
Specializing in Africa and California cuisine

Eli's Gourmet Cooking
The art of simple gourmet food
Eli Gilad, Chef
(510) 912-8235

Sephardic Catering Service
Aron Menda
(510) 524-3604 or (510) 423-1421



Amba Restaurant and Catering Service
6464 Moraga Avenue
Montclair Village, Oakland, CA
(510) 339-8000



Grand Bakery 

3264 Grand Avenue. Oakland 94610 
(510) 465-1110
Supervision: Vaad HaKashrus of Northern California
Challah, breads, cookies, scones, pastries, soups, pizza, potato latkes.

Shops: 3084 Claremont Avenue. Berkeley 94705
Shops: 372 Colusa Ave. Kensington 94707
Also Carried at many markets including Andronico's, Berkeley Bowl, Safeway, etc.
(510) 596-9930; 596-9942; 596-9935
Supervision: Orthodox Rabbinical Council of San Francisco
Breads, Biscotti and cakes only (not sandwiches).

Vital Vittles
Carried at many markets including Andronico's, Berkeley Bowl, Safeway, etc.
Supervision: Vaad HaKashrus of Northern California
Organic whole grain bread, rolls, cookies, brownies and honey buns.