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"A Conversation about End of Life Issues"

This panel discussion took place Sunday, August 29, 2010 at Congregation Netivot Shalom in Berkeley, CA.  The panel lasted an hour and a half and the audio recording has been divided into three half hour sections:

Yeshivat Lev Shalem

Yeshivat Lev Shalem: Local Sustainable Torah!


Job Networking


Please Help Netivot Shalom Job Seekers!

Facility Rental

Netivot Shalom welcomes members or non-members who wish to rent any part of our facilities. The following are some documents which will assist you in your decision-making process.

Funeral Homes

Sinai Memorial Chapel is an important Bay Area Jewish Resource as they are  the only nonprofit Jewish Funeral Home.  They support a large number of Jewish organizations including the High Holiday Youth Programs at Netivot Shalom.


Shabbat Hospitality



We love sharing Shabbat with guests! Members of our community regularly open their homes to visitors and members of the community for Shabbat meals. If you would like a meal or place to stay for Shabbat, please email

Suggestions for a Moderate Cost Kiddush


Kiddush Menu #1 for 150 People

Cost approx. $350 (Nov., 2009)


Salad Bar: set up as 2  stations (rectangular tables 2x2)

Birkat HaMazon

The page numbers mentioned in the sound file are from the beige Birkat HaMazon pamphlet used on Shabbat in our services.

Page numbers for the corresponding passages in Sim Shalom are given here for your reference, but note that the beige pamphlet differs from Sim Shalom in several places.

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