Netivot Shalom has a wide range of programs and a diverse membership that welcome your participation! If you haven't already joined us for services or one of our classes, we invite you to do so.   One of the great strengths of CNS is the active participation of its members in all aspects of congregational life. We are a fully egalitarian congregation. Members lead services, plan classes and events, and celebrate Shabbat, festivals and life-cycle events together in our homes and at shul. As a community we also plan our future direction. As a member, you will be invited to join fully in the life of the congregation through worship, learning and active participation.   For more information, see our committees page!

Chessed/Caring Committees:

  • Bikkur Cholim / Visiting the sick - a vital part of our Chesed work.  Read a note from the past chair of the Bikkur Cholim committee, and get involved by emailing the current chair
  • Chevra Kaddisha - is our members who see to it that, when death occurs, preparation for burial and comfort for mourners are handled with love and respect.  Please see, "Dealing with Death", a document created by our community and our founding rabbi Stuart Kelman for further guidance. To reach our Chevreh Kaddisha, please email  For more information, click here:
  • Gemilut Hasadim - Acts of Loving-Kindness.  This committee brings food to families in mourning, and helps care for the needs of our members.  Contact the chair at
  • Shabbat Hospitality - Welcome! We love sharing Shabbat with guests! Members of our community regularly open their homes to visitors and members of the community for Shabbat meals. If you would like a meal or place to stay for Shabbat, please call Katya or Joel Gerwein at 510-883-9561 or email

Other Ways to Participate!

  • Ritual Committee - The purpose of the CNS Ritual Committee is two fold.  First, we take charge of organizing the shul's ritual life (coordinating service leaders, confirming the liturgy schedule, training new leaders). The second, and perhaps more important, function of the committee is as a place for learning, thinking about and discussing halacha.  In order to be a relevant and vibrant part of our synagogue, the Ritual Committee needs first and foremost to be at the center of defining a communal relationship with halacha.  This is not work that a Rabbi can do for us, as it requires many more voices and aspirations.  Put quite simply another way, the Ritual Committee is where our community grapples with the tough questions and makes decisions that remain true to Jewish law and who we are as a community.  Contact info is here (click here).


Other Committees and Weblinks!