Rabbi Menachem Creditor

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Rabbi Menachem Creditor is the spiritual leader of Congregation Netivot Shalom in Berkeley, CA. He is founder of ShefaNetwork: The Masorti/Conservative Movement Dreaming From Within, chair of Bay Area Masorti, international cochair of Rabbis for Women of the Wall, and author of TheTisch, an electronic commentary on Jewish Spirituality. His most recent books are A Pesach Rhyme and Avodah: A Yom Kippur Story. His most recent musical album is Within (2011, EKS Publishing). He blogs at rabbicreditor.blogspot.com.

Rabbi Creditor sits on the Executive Council of the Rabbinical Assembly and  is a member of the Chancellor's Rabbinic Leadership Team at the Jewish Theological Seminary of America.  A popular speaker at synagogues, college campuses, and various Jewish communities around the country and in Israel on questions of Jewish Identity, Leadership, Inclusion, and Spirituality, Rabbi Creditor's writings have appeared in the Forward, the Wall Street Journal, the Jewish Week, J. Weekly, the Jewish Advocate, the Boston Globe, Kolot: Voices of CJ, JewsbyChoice.org, Conservative Judaism, and in several Jewish anthologies.  

Rabbi Creditor is always glad to meet with current or prospective members, as well as anyone curious about Judaism & Congregation Netivot Shalom welcomes you unconditionally! We believe that a true Jewish community is made up of diverse people who take care of each other. You have a place in Netivot Shalom's family, and Rabbi Creditor looks forward to welcoming you!  To join Rabbi Creditor during his office hours or on a Tiyyul (half-hour walk) email the CNS office at office@netivotshalom.org. His office hours vary, and sharing coffee is always a way to start the meeting off with a smile!

Selected Writings: The Choice to Include //  Reclaiming Zionism // The Theology of the Runaway Bunny