Rabbi Creditor's Teachings



Rabbi Creditor's archived writings and audio classes can be found on his website - menachemcreditor.org


Rabbi Creditor's remarks at the Rabbinical Assembly:  

Click on Rabbi Creditor's Remarks and skip ahead to 43 and a half minutes to watch Rabbi Creditor's remarks at the opening session of the 2012 Rabbinical Assembly.  The Rabbinical Assembly is the national organization of Conservative Rabbis.


The Choice to Include //  Reclaiming Zionism // The Theology of the Runaway Bunny 



The Legacy of Moshe Rabbeinu (Sinai Memorial Chapel Zayin Adar Lunch 2012) -  What are some lessons we can learn from Moshe Rabbeinu? At the Zayin Adar lunch for Sinai Memorial Chapel, Rabbi Creditor gleans lessons from the life of the greatest and most humble prophet. - audio

The Case for Commandedness: "Religious Language for non-Conformists"(January 29, 2012) - For some, the source of religious authority is a God whose words and Will are known. For others, religious authority is irrelevant to their lives, based on many factors. But Jewish tradition offers, through so much of its texture, the possibility of an intensified experience of the world. Imagine a relationship of obligation that frees you and those you love as it guides, and jump into this exciting exploration and discussion!  - audiohandout

Exile as a Metaphysical Reality (March 24, 2011) - Since Abraham, we have been 'outsiders looking in.' Although many of us see Israel as 'home', most of us don't live there. But 'exile' can mean much more than just living in the Diaspora. What is home? Where are the margins? Is an exilic life inescapable? Is it a blessing?  - audiohandout