Midrasha in Berkeley is Netivot Shalom's exciting, innovative 8-12th grade program co-sponsored by nine other synagogues and the Center for Jewish Living and Learning. Students gather for a program both academic and social. They will uncover their own feelings about Judaism and God, learn intricacies of Halacha - Jewish law, and will participate in activities including creative writing, theater, multimedia, visual arts and more. Classes range from tradition courses in Hebrew, Talmud and Bible to those that are very atraditional, combining Judaism with subjects like yoga, meditation, ecology and popular culture. The program includes retreats in beautiful locations where our students combine with those from other East Bay Midrashot They gather together for learning, prayer and socializing. As students progress through high school, the curriculum grows in sophistication and the relationships between the students become stronger.   

For more information, please contact Diane Bernbaum, our Midrasha Director, at (510) 843-4667 or at midrasha@netivotshalom.org. or go to the Midrasha website, http://www.midrasha.org